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Intelligent Enclosures Leaders in Environmental Control and MiniEnvironment Enclosure Technology

As both semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing processes, and metrology applications, demand more challenging levels of environmental control, Intelligent Enclosures [iE] has developed leading edge environmental control solutions, and gained practical experience in manufacturing MiniEnvironments which achieve levels of control not attained previously.

iE offers control over critical environmental conditions to achieve the following performance standards:

  • Particulate Class 1 (ISO 14644-1) in Operating Condition
  • Temperature ± 5 mK (± 0.005 ºC) Stability, ± 10 mK (± 0.010 ºC) Spatial Uniformity
  • Humidity ± 0.50% RH Stability
  • Acoustic 10 dB attenuation >50 Hz from ambient, with greater reductions possible
  • Pressurization Positive and Negative Pressurization control available
  • Additionally iE MiniEnvironments offer ESD Control, AMC Filtration, EMI & RFI Abatement, Vibration Reduction, and Illumination

iE works collaboratively with major semiconductor manufacturers, tool builders, research organizations, universities, and technology start-ups to conceive, design and manufacture cutting edge MiniEnvironments that enable our Customers to achieve their goals. These include developing sub-32nm node processes, creating laser gratings with nanometer precision spacings, or developing microscopes for analysing substances at the sub-atomic level.

iE develops engineering and design solutions using computational fluid dynamics [CFD] and 3D parametric modeling software, which allows us to work collaboratively with our Customer to create an environmental solution for their needs. Combined with our decades of experience in creating MiniEnvironments, our software portfolio allows us to develop unique solutions to problems specific to each Customer.

Following agreement with our Customer on the engineering and design approach, iE then progress to proof of concept, first article production, and to manufacturing production volumes. All assembly, testing, and integration activities are undertaken in our Clean Room providing control of all aspects of the project. We also undertake worldwide installation and commissioning activities to support our Customers.

Additional information detailing our activities can be found in other pages of the website. Please see our section describing a wide range of Case Studies, and contact us via phone or e-mail using the information on our Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.